The question was about why Sam is not affected by holy water even though he has demon blood in him (x).

New ‘Into the Dalek” Stills

For Jensen, what is your favourite Sam iteration and for Jared, what is your favourite Dean iteration? ()

1x01 / 1x13

helena + outfits


Book 1 Premiere (2012/04/14) & Book 3 Finale (2014/08/22)

Dylan O’Brien makes an appearance on the set of Univision’s Despierta America to promote The Maze Runner (August 28th)

New promotional image for Season 2 of Reign. (x)



  • Favorite thing about this scene: the Doctor acknowledging his part in sending a companion mixed signals instead of blaming their response to his signals on irrational human-ness (and femaleness). Now go back and say this to Martha, Doctor, preferably with an actual “I’m sorry.”
  • Least favorite thing about this scene: fandom missing the point and continuing to insist that Clara’s a horrible shallow person who just wanted Eleven to be her boyfriend and dislikes Twelve because of that

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